Open Studio 18th – 25th Sept.

Venue  126

Somerset Open Studio Festival

18th Sept. – 25th Sept, 2021

Our two studios will be open from Saturday to Saturday   10 – 5

Harry Brayne   Jane Brayne   David Brayne

Three New Collages for the Festival 08.09.2021 Vase reduced size copy08.09.2021 Black Dog reduced size copy08.09.2021 Woodland 1 reduced size copy08.09.2021 Horse reduced size copy08.09.2021 Yellow Sail reduced size copy


6 Paintings for the Festival


The Bathers £2700

Damona and her Daughters

Splitting The Water £1850

Splitting the Water

I Rode on Easily Through a Chilly, Friendly Road.

In Pursuit of Spring

In 1913 the poet, Edward Thomas cycled from North London to Somerset.

As Edward approached the moors he found that ‘the road was visible most dimly and was like a pale mist at an uncertain distance.‘ Throughout Thomas appeared to enjoy the fleeting and often skewed impressions experienced when cycling (at a good pace).  My cyclist encounters this mist.

Edward reached West Quantoxhead , his final destination on the 28th of March

Figure on a light grey linen chair reduced size copy

White Grey Linen Chair

pigment, acrylic and gold leaf on paper

My morning begins with a walk before I go to the studio, out of the village and along the Alham, a shallow river less than 10 miles long, lying in a green Somerset valley. I don’t draw from life but the walk and the time for thinking it allows offer a starting point.

The Huntress

The Huntress  

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The Dry Hill Track to the Alham

The Dry Hill Track to the Alham is a walk imagined. Memory can be insistent and not always accurate but I like the painter Hughie O’Donoghue’s idea that ‘it is always true, it tries to represent the truth as it is felt.’

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